FOTD: Smoked glisten

Eyes: "Smutty green" eye pot - MAC, Hard Candy loose glitter in "deep sea", Kohl's discontinued shadow palette for the transition shades, and KISS lashes. 

I kept my brows nice and simple by plucking stray hair, and smoothing with brow gel. I prefer a very natural brow. 

What do you ladies think? I'd love to know your honest opinions. My skin is pretty thick. Everyday is a learning process. I'm a work in progress...



Cautionary tales.

 There are a slew of certain frenemies that we should all be aware of. They don't always come with a dagger in open view. The faux friendships are usually built on lots of laughs, beautiful smiles, even fun times. The outer appearance can be quite deceiving. These types are the ones you MUST learn to be cautious of. Below I've compiled a list of the most common acquaintances I've had the displeasure of coming in contact with. Each of these relationships will become very toxic after awhile. Listen, romantic partnerships are not the only ones to look out for warning signs in. You should pick your friends like you choose your fruit. With that said, I'm blessed to have amazing people in life, even though I've had to cross paths with a few Cruella's along the way. Learning is growing. Cherish those whom reciprocate..

1. Nancy Narcissistic - This friendship will always be totally one-sided. You're just a bench warmer for her All-Star team of personality defects. Your personal problems, issues, successes, happiness, worries, concerns, and overall life will never matter to this person. She may pretend as if she cares with a few random texts, on time in agreeable head nods, or maybe even a gracious hug. All and all, you're just a puppet in the play starring HER, featuring HER, with a occasional appearance by you.  Unless you're lacking confidence, and willing to sacrifice your own growth than I would say stay far way from this chick.

2. Messy mouth - She lives for gossip. Honey, it doesn't matter whose it is either. Once the word gets out, she's yapping those gums to the nearest bystander. This type of relationship thrives off of pretending to be concerned with your feelings, situations, and deep thoughts. Ultimately, it will result in you receiving feedback from others regarding everything you've ever told her. Loyalty isn't an option when dealing with this special kind. Of course, that would be way too much to ask for. Furthermore, gossip is much more exciting for this person vs a long lasting bond. Don't be the one to fall victim!

3. The positive pessimistic - She's the person that prides herself on saying she's drama free, happy and supportive. Yet, you'll usually find her constantly in the middle of controversy. Whether it's because someone is "hating" on her, being disrespectful, or envious of her looks, or the alleged great life that she lives, it's ALWAYS something! Through it all, she maintains the holier than thou perspective; never admitting her wrongs. Have you ever stopped to think WHY people don't fancy her? Negativity breeds negativity. 

4. Esteem downer - You know those things called flaws? She will be sure to make you aware of the ones you possess. And once this person gains knowledge of any insecurities you may have that makes room for even more ammo. The truth is, I'm sure you have great qualities that she tries to diminish for her own benefit. Stay far AWAY from this bitter Betty unless you're just a strong person that loves to deal with bullshit for recreational purposes. Other than that,  you will begin to feel a change within yourself. I can guarantee it won't be for the better..

5. The lint licker - She's only interested in being a leach to everything that involves you. In my opinion, this is the most dangerous type. Simply because in the beginning you may confuse this person with being a great friend only to find out that you're dealing with a true lifetime story. These "friendships" tend to end after you discover the true her. With friends, we all prefer someone that we can at least relate to on a personal level. However, there's nothing more disturbing than a group of gals who are carbon copies of each other. This type will turn to be what your wildest nightmares are made of, because your life, status, appearance, and overall appeal may interest her more than you as a person. 

I only mean well! 



Beat the heat.

The first day of Summer is officially here, which means the sun is scorching!  And there's nothing more unattractive than a makeup meltdown in the midst of your day. But there's no need to fret beauties, we've compiled a list of tips, tricks, and tweaks to remain unflustered and flawless this entire high temperature  season that is among us. 

1. Prime! If you can only remember one thing, just note: it's a crime not to prime. Not only does it help to to smooth out fine lines, but primer provides a base for your makeup to adhere to which means way less slipping and sliding happening on your face. 

2. Switch sticks - Toss your matte, rich color lipsticks in the bottom of your makeup bag, and opt for juicier lips. Make sure to try fruity colors that will add a feminine effect without looking as if you've tried too hard. 

3. Glow-  Now is the time to forget about coverage. Let's focus more on your skin appearing healthy! Bb creams, luminators, and bronzer are all perfect for summer. Depending on your skin type you may be a better fit with liquid or matte finishes, yet either way keeping it simple will fight against clogged pores and sweatouts. 

4. Waterproof- When it comes to your liner and mascara waterproof is the most solid way to go. You won't have to fear someone asking "Are you ok?" because they think you've shed a few tears due to runny makeup. Invest! 

5. Finish strong- A long lasting setting spray will get you through anything. In the hotter months you want to go with a matte finish to avoid adding extra dew on your face. 

There are so many outdoor activities that take place this time of year, and whether you're hitting a theme park, cookout, or a yacht party, sometimes us a women don't want to sacrifice a glam beat to escape the heat. Keep it fun, simple, and light! 




Good music is like food to the soul. The right amount of ingredients make up the absolute most joyous meals. When you think of some of the best conversations in life, they are often shared over a great meal with loved ones. Well, last night I was fed the most amazing musical feast that anyone could ever imagine.  If you're a reader of my blog, a friend of mine, or have simply met me in passing, then you already know that I do not go crazy over many artists. There are only a few out there that touch my heart in ways in which I believe music was created to do. Last night I was fortunate enough to finally get the opportunity to see KELIS live in Washington, DC.  When I heard that she was going on a U.S tour I knew it was a must that I be in attendance. It would be the first time in my 15 year long following of her that I would get to see her in the flesh. 

I opted for a casual jumpsuit paired with my favorite black blazer, and a blue clutch.

              (Pre-show stage setup)

I made sure to arrive at the venue as early as possible to be there when the doors opened. While we waited for Kelis to come out, I met some of the coolest fellow supporters of hers! It felt so great to be surrounded by people who understand the depth of the talent this woman possesses. We all laughed, joked, shared stories, and excitedly couldn't contain the jitters of her arrival.

She final arrives on stage looking ever so flawless, and serving 70's realness in a emerald green sweater paired with sequined, high waisted trousers. Later that night I took it to Instagram to find out who was the responsible party for such a work of art. And I can't say I was shocked to find out that she was the crafts woman behind the masterpiece! 

Sidenote: I adore the fact that no matter how many records sold, concerts booked, or money made she always finds the time to make her fans feel noticed and appreciated. Humility is key. 

Some things are meant to be savored In that very moment. I didn't record every song, or take pictures all throughout the show. I can barely tell you the track listing, because I was in bliss! The performance was nothing less than stellar. All in all, I've attended many concerts of several artists, but this was the best one yet. I'll always prefer a live band, intimate setting, and out of this world vocals over anything else. 

A true dream come true...



Clinique review.

Hi guys/gals!

I know I haven't blogged in a few weeks, but I've been in the midst of getting accustomed to to my new job. However, I am back in full effect! Did ya miss me?!

Over the Christmas holiday I was gifted with a pretty sweet Clinique skincare set. I wanted to make sure that the items were fully used and reviewed adequately before giving my opinion. I've been meaning to write this post, but we all know how life happens. 

Inside contents: (left to right) Mild facial soap, clarifying lotion, moisturizer, and age defying eye cream. 

I have extremely sensitive skin. Nearly every product I've ever tried is just too much for me. With this facial soap I can honestly say that it lives up to it's name. A little goes an amazingly long way, and your skin is bound to feel super clean after each wash. Unlike some brands that may leave a bit of build up behind. 

The liquid clarifying lotion is a wonderful product I'm sure, but the "tingle" is a tad harsh for me personally. I found myself having to spray water on my face to cool the burn. No bueno! But as I've said many times before, my skin is uber sensitive so I have to take it easy. I ended up giving this to my mom who absolutely adores it. Tomato. Tomatoe. 

A great moisturizer is very essential to every beauty gal, because no matter how you put it, makeup never looks awesome over a dry face. I love this particular brand because it left my skin feeling like silk after each use. Just a tiny drop the size of a penny was enough coverage for my entire face/neck area to last all day. 

The Repairwear eye cream is what I was looking forward to the most, because my darker circles have been a pain in my side forever. I used the cream each night before bed over the last four months. The main difference that I've noticed is the tightening in the under her area, but still nothing to brighten! All and all, the product is helping to defy aging, but I'm still on the quest for something to minimize the darker circles. 


I would puchase the facial soap, eye cream and moisturizer again. Clinique lives up to it's name as a trusted brand in the skincare world. They rarely dissappoint.